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Open House Tallinn

Open House Tallinn is an architecture weekend held in Tallinn. The main purpose of the event is to create an opportunity for everyone to take an interest in architecture and learn more about it. During one weekend buildings in Tallinn that have a remarkable architectural quality as well as special significance to the city and its communities are opened to the public. The programme includes tours of buildings with architects, designers, and volunteers taking the role of guides.


Open House Tallinn is organized by Estonian Centre for Architecture (ECA). ECA is a non-profit institution developing the architectural culture in Estonia and promoting contemporary Estonian architecture abroad.

International Open House Family

The Open House concept was founded in London in 1992 with the aim of fostering a better understanding of architecture outside the profession. This format resonated with cities around the world and led to the creation of Open House Worldwide Family in 2010. Currently, the Open House weekend happens every year in more than thirty cities around the world: Barcelona, Helsinki, Rome, Melbourne, New York, and many others. All of these cities are united by the international network of “Open House Worldwide” and by a common goal: to involve the public in discussions about the quality of the architecture and the environment while helping people to understand and learn about these buildings and spaces through direct experience.

More information is available at www.openhouseworldwide.org


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