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Open House Tallinn is made possible only with the contribution of volunteers.
Join us and take part in our unique event and fascinating opportunities.

Let's make it happen!

Open House Tallinn is organised by many wonderful people interested in urban space and architecture, and the intersection of these fields within our environment. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the most exciting buildings in Tallinn and introduce these same buildings to other enthusiasts. For some of the more unique structures, you may have a chance to witness them in such a stage for the last time.

We also emphasize the culture of volunteering and strive to develop it each year, adding more ways to explore the urban space and gain further experiences in various fields. Through volunteering, you can experience and try your hand at subjects you haven’t worked on before, discovering something new for yourself. Volunteering primarily aims to enrich people and enhance their awareness. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

As an Open House volunteer, you can contribute to event organization – whether as a tour guide, visitor escort, photographer, or in other roles.


Benefits of volunteering

  • Opportunity to take part in a unique event raising awareness of urban landscape and architecture
  • Opportunity to enter the locations in the programme before the event and get more acquainted with buildings, their residents, managers and architects
  • New knowledge about the urban landscape, architecture and fields related to architecture
  • New contacts from locations, Estonian Centre of Architecture and with volunteers of the same interests
  • Work experience in various positions organising a cultural event
  • Training and coaching before the event
  • Catering on the workdays
  • Open House Tallinn t-shirt and goodies
  • Invitation to Open House Tallinn volunteer event
  • Carry out school internship
  • Opportunity to participate in the Open House Europe (12 Open House festivals) volunteer exchange programme

Regarding any questions or additional information please contact