Q: Is registration required for the tours?

A: The festival offers both registered and non-registered tours. Registered tours are marked accordingly, with a button leading to the registration page. For tours that are not marked as registered, there are live queue tours available at the specified start times.


Q: Which tours require registration?

A: The easiest way to find registered tours is by using the “Registration” filter on our program page, located below the map.


Q: How can one register for the tours?

A: On each building’s page that requires registration, a registration button will appear to the right, above the map. Clicking this button will take you to the registration platform. Please note that not all tours have the same registration platform. Only use the designated registration methods; other forms of registration (email, social media, etc.) are not accepted.


Q: When can registration for registered tours begin?

A: Registration for the 2023 tours starts on September 15th at 18:00 on our website. Registration is only available for objects marked as such.

Q: Are the tours free?

A: Yes, our tours are free, but this year (2023), we aim to support the activities of the “Stalker” museum, and registration for their tour comes with a symbolic fee.


Q: What happens if a tour group is full?

A: Since we enforce group size limitations for each tour, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early to increase your chances of joining the desired tour. If a group is full, we ask you to wait for the next tour time.


Q: Is it allowed to bring children on the tours?

A: All age groups are welcome on our tours, and the earlier we can spark an interest in architecture for younger individuals, the better. However, when touring with children, please keep an eye on them to ensure they stay on the tour route, as it may not be safe to wander off at some locations.